Central Travel Office
You can meet us at the Central Travel Office:
Central Terminus,
Rathausstraße 7

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
8.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Service hotline
+49 (0)371 2370-333

Please mind, that the Service hotline is available only in german language.


Short Journey Ticket

Short trip - reduced price.  If you are prepared to be flexible and only travel a few stops or cross a fare zone limit, then the Short Journey Ticket is the one for you.

Notes on use:

  • validate the ticket before boarding  (tickets bought on the vehicle are already validated)
  • ticket is not transferable
  • breaking the journey or changing services or other combinations with single tickets are not permitted
  • covers more than one fare zone
  • valid  as far as the 4th stop after the boarding point on CVAG services
  • valid  as far as the 3rd stop after the boarding point on regional bus services,  on the SVZ and in small town urban services


1 zone (Chemnitz): 7,60€

An overview of all our tickets and tariffs you can find here.


On the following lines of regional public transport you can use the Short Journey Ticket (4 stops) of the CVAG.

CHEMNITZBAHN11 between Hauptbahnhof and Neukirchen/ Klaffenbach,
CHEMNITZBAHN13 zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Technopark,
CHEMNITZBAHN14 zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Technopark,
CHEMNITZBAHN15 zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Technopark,

STADTBUS 152 between Schönau and Landgraben, 
STADTBUS 206 between Siedlung Ruhebank and Busbahnhof,
STADTBUS 207 between Siedlung Ruhebank and Busbahnhof,
STADTBUS 251 between Schönau and Landgraben,
STADTBUS 253 between Schönau and Oberrabenstein and



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